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Apply to become our Foreign Subsidiary

1.Who can become a Foreign Subsidiary to Recruiting Hub?
We have developed an innovative product, an AI driven platform that aggregates recruitment agencies helping Employers recruit candidates faster. A Foreign Subsidiary can be an interested business professional aspiring to grow in recruitment business in their country either looking to start up a new recruitment business or already owning a recruitment business in their country. We will form a company (e.g Recruiting Hub US Inc) in your country under share holding agreement and you will nominate a local Director to operate the company.
2.What is the difference between a Franchisee and a Foreign Subsidiary?
A Franchisee is a reseller of Recruiting Hub that do not own the brand or company whereas a foreign subsidiary is an owner of Recruiting Hub in that country owning particular % amount of shares and representing RH as a Director in that country. The foreign subsidiary can choose to employ sales staff in their country or go the Franchisee way.
3.What is the revenue model?
Permanent Placement Success Fee is split as 60:40 (60% to Agency that filled the vacancy and 40% to RH local subsidiary) All revenue from within the country is routed to the local bank account of Recruiting Hub where the foreign subsidiary is operated at a 35% gross profit margin giving away 5% to Parent Company as monthly management fee from their monthly sales. For e.g if the gross monthly sale is $100,000 the management fee payable to Parent company is $5000. Recruiting Hub local company will keep $35000 as gross profit margin by paying $60000 to agencies that filled the vacancies. Average Monthly Contract Placement gross profit is operated between 5-10%
4.What is the investment required?
We will together form a Company in your Country (e.g Recruiting Hub US Inc) as a foreign subsidiary of Recruiting Hub with a % amount of shares owned by you and the parent company of Recruiting Hub appointing a person nominated by you to represent as Director in your country. You will need an investment to pay towards company formation, bank account opening, pay one time setup fee plus monthly operating expenses like office space, salaries, bills and other day to day expenses with a potential to earn in Millions.
5.What is the current organisation structure?
"Recruiting Hub International Ltd" is the parent/holding company of its subsidiaries "Recruiting Hub UK Ltd" in the UK & "Recruiting Hub India Pvt Ltd" in India and soon launching its subsidiaries in Dubai & Bulgaria. We are open to countries in EU, Africa, North & South America, Canada, Middle East, Singapore, Japan, China etc.
6.How can i apply to become a foreign subsidiary?
You can apply using this link - Become our Foreign Subsidiary