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Recruiting Hub is an AI Driven B2B Online Recruitment Marketplace, where Employers & Recruiters are intelligently connected through AI & ML algorithm in order to fill vacancies faster, more efficiently and through a single contract, removing the need to onboard new suppliers onto an existing preferred supplier list. Thus simplifying the recruitment process and making recruitment better value for money.

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100's of smart companies use our online recruitment marketplace for hassle-free hiring

Employers pay no upfront cost & pay on success only. 100's of quality agencies working for you!

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Candidates - Your next new job is just a click away! Get hand-picked by our Recruiters.

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Hundreds of smart companies use Recruiting Hub's online recruitment marketplace for hassle-free hiring.

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The majority of our recruitment agencies are professional recruiters in the United Kingdom, UAE, India and the rest can be found across the world. We have recruitment agencies across 64 countries including France, Germany, Belgium, Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, United States

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