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1.What is Recruiting Hub and can i see demo of Employer product?
Recruiting Hub is an online medium with 100's of recruitment agencies on a single platform helping companies find talents 2X faster. Our AI & ML algorithm matches the job you post on our platform to the best agencies from within our network who can find you quality candidates within hours more efficiently and through a single contract, removing the need to onboard new suppliers onto an existing preferred supplier list. Thus simplifying the recruitment process and making recruitment better value for money.
Link to Employer product is here - Employer Product Tour
2.How Recruiting Hub is different from other Job Boards?
Recruiting Hub is neither a Job board which usually charge a fee to post jobs and you get unwanted inbound spam of resumes and their CV Search option where you spend countless amount of time searching for quality candidates nor a recruitment agency who dictate their terms and require several meetings and negotiations to add onto your PSL. We are an online platform between you (Employer) and the recruitment agency (Vendor) helping you hire talents faster!
3.What is the cost of posting a job on Recruiting Hub?
Posting Permanent, Contract, Corp-to-Corp jobs on Recruiting Hub is always free. You will pay the one off placement fee for permanent on success (success means after candidate joining your company and with a free replacement guarantee provided by our platform if the candidate leaves within the agreed replacement guarantee period which is normally 30/60/90 days from the date of candidate joining). Contract jobs are monthly pay outs. where you will pay Recruiting Hub and we pay the Candidate monthly.
4.What is the finders/placement fee?
Permanent Roles: One time Placement fee - You have a choice to choose from as low as 7% to 25% of candidate's offered base salary as our one time placement fee while posting jobs on our platform. No success, No fee! Success means, after candidate joining your organization. You will only pay on a successful hire plus you will have 30-days (our standard) of trial period to see if the person you hired is a good fit for the position. After 30 days of employment from the date of hire, you will pay us the Finders Fee and if the candidates leaves you on or before 30 days you get a 100% one time free replacement.

(FTC) Contract Roles (Cost+ or Markup): We keep monthly margin and this will be ongoing as long as Contract duration.

How Markup works? You can choose to post the end rate that you will pay us (RH) for the contract employee and we keep 20% as our average markup on top of what we pay the contractor. Our Average Standard split is 80:10:10 split on the day/hourly/monthly rate as advertised/offered as end rate by the Employer (You) to RH - RH pays 80% of offered rate to Contractor (Candidate) and 20% is split 50:50 by agency (source) and Recruiting Hub (platform fee) payable monthly by RH to all parties involved. When our agencies submit a candidate for a contract role, they will submit +20% of the candidate asking rate as a standard practice. e.g if the candidate asking rate is £300/day they will submit £360/day to you. 20% margin can increase or decrease from case to case basis and what ever is the margin on top of candidate/contractor asking rate will be split 50:50 between RH and Agency (Source). We may use third party payroll companies in countries we do not have legal entities who will also get a small cut from our monthly share. We collect the monies from Client & distribute it basis on split fee ratio to agencies and contractors and keep with us our platform share.

How Cost+ Model works? We agree to a fixed commission on top of candidate ask rate (cost). For e.g £50/day or £500/month markup on top of candidate's ask rate (cost). We will have transparency of what candidate's ask rate is as our margin will not differ as we agree to a standard cost of candidate + our fixed daily/monthly commission.
5.What happens when i post an open job?
As soon as a job gets posted, it is published to all the recruiters. Matching Recruiters can then choose to 'Request an engagement with you' to work on your job. Those recruiters will then search for the best candidates available in their network. Recruiters do not know who posted the job until you've approved them thus ensuring full confidentiality at all times. You have absolute control over your company information privacy, number of agencies to work for you, number of CV's you want to receive from each approved agency and so on!
6.How do you find high quality candidates?
Our recruiters are professionals with large networks of contacts. This gives us an extra large sample of quality referrals.
From these referrals we use our three step process:
Step-1: Recruiter Evaluation:
Recruiters typically submit their top candidates, they know they are in competition with other recruiters for quality candidates.
Step-2: CV Limit:
Each approved agency can only submit the number of CV's set by you at the time of posting the job thus ensuring quality avoiding submission of junk profiles.
Step-3: CV Review and update feedback:
Our ATS in-built in the platform enables you to Shortlist/Reject/Duplicate profiles submitted by agencies.
7.How many recruitment agencies are part of Recruiting Hub?
We are a growing community of 3000 recruitment agencies worldwide and we add new recruitment agencies everyday.
8.Do you vet and qualify a recruitment agency? How do you ensure the quality of recruiters?
Yes, we have a vetting process for each agency. Recruiters are vetted against their skill, speciality, and experience. We also verify references. Apart from that, each agency has a rating provided by other employers based on their response rate, quality of candidates submitted and other activity.
9.Where are Recruiting Hub's agencies located?
Over 3000 Recruitment Agencies have signed up to the platform who are professional recruiters in the United Kingdom, Europe, India, US, Canada, APAC, EMEA & the rest can be found across the world.
10.What happens if i don't like the candidate?
During the guarantee period or the evaluation period if you find that the candidate you hired is not the right fit or doesn't have the necessary skills, you may let the candidate go from your company. Or if for some reason the candidate leaves the position, you wouldn't have to pay any finders fee. Our 30-day guarantee period allows you to evaluate the candidate before committing to hiring the candidate.
11.What happens when there are no recruiters who accept my open position?
This almost never happens. Agencies like to place candidates, they want to be successful in business! However, if it does, we will send you a note asking you to review the rates and terms of the open position.
12.How much is the minimum finders fee for a full-time job?
For Full-Time positions, Finders Fee is a percentage(%) of Gross Annual Salary you set while creating the job. You can select the Finders Fee that you wish to pay between 8.33% - 25%. You control your own Finders Fee. The minimum is 8.33%. eg: For a £40,000 Gross Annual Salary you choose Finders Fee as 10% it results in £4000 Finders Fee.
13.What is the finders fee for Contract jobs?
There is a No Finders Fee for Contract Jobs. The END rate is posted by the Employer while advertising the job which includes all commissions. Recruiting Hub sets 20% of Hourly/Daily Rate as Market Services Fee for any contract positions. (This rate may change due to market conditions at any time.)
E.g.: For a Contract Job of 1000 hours or 6 Months, you determine the contract rate is £10/hr.

You Pay Monthly RecruitingHub: £10/hr for the hours worked by the candidate after hire.

RecruitingHub Pays Monthly Agency (Source): 10% of the Hourly Rate = £1/hr
RecruitingHub Pays Monthly Contractor (Candidate): 80% of the Hourly Rate = £8/hr
RecruitingHub takes 10% as Services Fee: £1/hr
14.Can you integrate into an existing ATS?
Yes, we can integrate into your existing ATS. You can send us your integration request at support@recruitinghub.com and we can walk you through the process.
15.Why is ATS free?
We hope that by using our state of the art ATS (Applicant Tracking System) you become familiar with our service, and hopefully use our marketplace to fill your hard to fill positions. Of course, even if you never use our recruitment marketplace you are still very welcome to use our software.
Contract Jobs
Read more
1.How does a Contractor and Recruiter get paid?
Once the payments are received by Recruiting Hub from the client company(you), we pay (80%) of hourly rate for the hours being worked by contractor via bank transfer or Direct Debit as requested by contractor. At the same time, we release, another check or payment to Recruiter for (10%) of the hourly rate for the hours worked by the Contractor. (Rates may change as market conditions change)
2.What are the Net payment terms of the Contract job?
The Net payment terms on contract jobs is 28 days. This can be flexible and on each contract, our operations team will coordinate with you to make this work.
3.What is the frequency of Invoices of Contract job?
The Invoices will be sent to you every 28 days for the hours worked by contractor approved by you (client/manager).
4.How do you track hours being worked by Contractor?
The Invoices will be sent to you every 28 days for the hours worked by contractor approved by you (client/manager).
5.Is the Contractor an employee of Recruiting Hub? and What's the split fee for Contract Jobs?
This will depend on if the contract job posted by you is inside or outside IR35. Recruiting Hub gives an option for the contractor to run their payroll with us and be on his own limited company.
For Contract jobs outside IR35, the day/hourly rate as advertised by the Employer (Client) is inclusive of all our charges and split in the ratio of 80:20 - 80% to Contractor (Candidate) and 20% is split between agency (source) and Recruiting Hub (as platform fee). We collect the monies from Client & distribute it basis on split fee ratio to agencies and contractors and keep with us our platform share.
1.What is Recruiting Hub to a Recruitment agency and can i see a product demo?
Recruiting Hub is a recruiting marketplace where you can make money by leveraging your network to help companies or individuals hire and get hired. When you find anyone in your network suitable for a listed job, they get hired for the job, you get paid.
Link to Recruiter product is here - Recruiter Product Tour

Learn Best Practices for Recruitment Vendors here -> Recruitment Vendor BEST PRACTICES
2.Is there a subscription fee to use Recruiting Hub?
Not anymore! There used to be a subscription fee for agencies to start engaging on clients requirements. We decided to remove the subscription fee w.e.f 1st April 2020 and all agencies join us and work on clients requirements with no upfront cost!
3.How many jobs can the agency engage monthly?
Unlimited jobs to engage in the beginning and we will monitor your agency account closely to see the quality of CV's submitted, rejection ratio and if we find the agency only engages and do not submit enough or quality CV's we will limit this to 25 jobs/month. We will place a temporary limitation on your account until we see improvement in the quality or the account will be permanently suspended.
4.How will my agency get notified about new jobs posted by Employers?
Our AI mechanism will trigger jobs basis on your location & specialist sector. Please ensure to select as many specialisation sector as possible so you don't miss out on relevant jobs.
5.Will my agency be accepted by the client straight away?
You have to engage on each job and wait for the client to approve your engagement request. Clients make decisions on whether or not to approve your engagement request basis on your agency background, number of recruiters you have, years of agency experience and your existing feedback ratings from other Employers. All permanent jobs advertised over 10+ years candidate experience require clients to approve your engagement request. Permanent jobs between 0-10 years are auto-approved including all contract jobs.
6.How many users from one agency can use Recruiting Hub?
Unlimited Sub-Users from One Agency! You can create unlimited users for your agency and your recruiters can simultaneously login to your agency account to engage on jobs and submit CV's. It's absolutely free of charge! We have 1 recruiter agency to 100+ recruiters Agency on our Platform. So feel free to create any number of sub-users for your agency account.
7.How do i track status of my submission?
You can view the status of all your cv submissions in the Candidates ALL Section under your Agency Account on Recruiting Hub. Recruiting Hub sends you an automated email notifications for each action and progress made on the CV by the client. Recruiting Hub's software sends an automated email notification when a candidate is Shortlisted, Rejected, Interviewed, Offered and Hired. Recruiting Hub is an open source platform for agencies and we do not charge a subscription fee to work on positions posted directly by Employers and the feedback for profile submissions are given directly by them, there is no middle man at RH and no guarantee is given for feedbacks from clients. While we constantly chase clients to update feedback on the portal we do not guarantee feedback updates from clients. Any agency submitting profiles on Recruiting Hub should be aware of this and should not follow up with our team for feedbacks. We will do our best to ensure all feedbacks are updated on timely basis.
8.What happens when an agency submits the same candidate already submitted by another agency?
Our software will stop you from submitting same candidate for the same job if already submitted by another agency. The software will detect duplicate while submitting the CV basis on email id and phone number. Beyond this if the client has already approached the candidate before you and other agencies and you submitted the same candidate, the client has the option to duplicate the cv in the ATS and you will be updated on the same in your login. We investigate and resolve any discrepancy in this matter if you notify us immediately!
9.What will the Recruitment Agency earn?
Permanent Roles: One time Placement fee - Effective from 1st July'21 all CV submissions by Agencies will be based on 60:40 split, 60% of the advertised one time fee (placement fee %/flat fee as displayed on every job) is paid to Agency by Recruiting Hub upon successful completion of the free replacement guarantee period (every job displays this guarantee period as agreed by RH with the client)

Contract Roles (Cost+ or Markup): Monthly Ongoing as long as Contract duration - Unless otherwise the markup % is mentioned on the job under the section When will i get paid my fee? Our Average Standard split is 80:10:10 split on the day/hourly/monthly rate as advertised/offered as end rate by the Employer (Client) to RH - RH pays 80% of offered rate to Contractor (Candidate) and 20% is split 50:50 by agency (source) and Recruiting Hub (platform fee) payable monthly by RH to all parties involved. When you submit a candidate for a contract role, you will submit +20% of the candidate asking rate as a standard practice. e.g if the candidate asking rate is £300/day you will submit £360/day to Client. 20% margin can increase or decrease from case to case basis and what ever is the margin on top of candidate/contractor asking rate will be split 50:50 between RH and Agency (Source). We may use third party payroll companies in countries we do not have legal entities who will also get a small cut from our monthly share. We collect the monies from Client & distribute it basis on split fee ratio to agencies and contractors and keep with us our platform share.
10.Can we talk to the client directly?
Yes, indeed you can! Our efficient messaging system allows you to send clients messages directly and if you wish to talk to them, you can always ask them directly! While you register with us, you are by default bound by our terms and more specifically this - The Recruiter agrees to not directly or indirectly work around, avoid, circumvent or otherwise exploit the Marketplace Services or Our Site with the intent or effect of depriving Us of due compensation, Handling Fees or Placement Fees. We tell such agencies this "Why bite the hand that feeds you
11.How does the fee work for Contract jobs?
There is No One-Time Finders Fee for Contract Jobs. Recruiting Hub sets 20% of Hourly or Daily Rate as Market Services Fee for any contract positions. (This rate may change due to market conditions at any time.) E.g.: For a Contract Job of 1000 hours or 6 Months, you determine the contract rate is £100/hr. You Pay RecruitingHub: £100/hr for the hours worked by the candidate (contractor) after hire. RecruitingHub Pays Agency: 10% of the Hourly Rate = £10/hr RecruitingHub Pays Candidate (Contractor): 80% of the Hourly Rate = £80/hr RecruitingHub take 10% as Platform Fee: £10/hr
12.How do you guarantee payments?
We evaluate and ensure credibility of each employer posting jobs. Employer agrees to our Terms & Conditions while posting Jobs, which legally binds them to make payments.
13.Is there a contract between Recruiting Hub and the agency?
Yes, by using our service you are bound by our Terms of Service. Please read and understand the terms of service before using our recruitment marketplace. Terms link can be found at the bottom of our homepage.
14.How do the agency get paid and when?
On a successful hire, the client updates the position to filled and you automatically get notified through our software via email. You can then upload your invoice on the platform and get paid from Recruiting Hub after the candidate completes the free replacement guarantee period. This is usually 45-90 days period from the date of candidate joining the client depending on our terms with the client. This free replacement guarantee period can be viewed on every job posting.
15.What happens if an employer doesn't pay the placement fee?
Our payment terms are clear and we have a rigid payment collection process. If, however, a fee becomes more than 14 days overdue we will notify you, but continue to chase the payment ourselves. Each case of late payment is taken individually and we will keep you up-to-date with progress. We can only pay you after we have received the payment from the client.
16.What is the candidate section i see on your homepage?
That is the value we add only to our agencies by also bringing Candidates to you! We bring you clients and business and also take you closer to the talent market. Our candidate section and jobsite is designed exclusive to our agencies and you can use it completely free of charge! Post your jobs, search our CV database for free and take advantage over the job seeker traffic coming to our website! And finally, we don't let Employers access this jobsite or candidate cv's as they are restricted access to this section - if we connect an employer with a candidate directly we become another job board and we don't do it. Remember we said we are not a job board in the first place? Your success is our success!
1.What is the revenue model for a Franchise Partner and how much does it cost to become one?
Enjoy the benefits of our automation tools in B2B recruitment. Ask us for a product demo, Click here and we will setup a call to show you our product that can scale your recruitment business. We've got a fantastic product that sits in between the Employers (Clients) and Recruitment Vendors (Suppliers) helping Employers work with Recruitment Vendors to find candidates 2X faster. We currently have over 3150 recruitment vendors registered with us globally and by becoming our franchise partner we can help you grow your recruitment business faster through our smart automation tools. Recruitment is a big business in itself with Companies spending in billions on external recruitment vendors in each country to find candidates. We are approaching this market with a B2B marketplace tool aggregating Employers and Recruitment Agencies in 1 platform. By becoming our franchise partner in your city you are investing in to the future of the external recruitment industry. Imagine Amazon or Rightmove or Deliveroo for Recruitment Agencies.

Our recent kicking in of SEO and Digital Marketing efforts have resulted in organic traffic of employers signing up on our portal. We will transfer you clients already registered from within your territory and will be registering from your territory. You will own/manage clients to earn your franchise share from every single placement made from clients tagged to you. We will assign you an unique employer sign up link to acquire new clients from within your territory and from rest of the world and will provide you an Admin portal to manage clients and entire recruitment process.

We are currently having our legal entities in 3 Countries -> UK | UAE | India and they can be found here -> Our Companies

It will cost an ONE OFF franchise setup fee of

UK Franchise Fee -> £10,000 + 20% VAT (we are looking to cover 48 counties in England, 33 in Scotland, 13 in Wales and 6 in N.Ireland)
(The market size, measured by revenue, of the Employment Placement Agencies industry was £17.7bn in 2022)

India Franchise Fee -> Rs.5 lakhs + 18% GST for Tier1 Cities or Rs.3 lakhs + GST for Tier2 Cities. (We are looking to cover 300 cities in India)
(The Indian staffing market is currently a $10 billion industry, growing at 28% percent YoY and poised to become one of the largest by 2030)

UAE Franchise Fee -> AED.25000 in UAE
(The online recruitment market in MEA is expected to grow from US$ 1,939.15 million in 2021 to US$ 2,512.43 million by 2028)

Rest of the World -> Equivalent to £10,000
(The whole of recruitment market size is estimated at 750 billion USD)

plus your monthly working capital

What are you paying this one off fee for?

▪ Software licensing Cost (read below the advantages)
▪ Employer leads/New Client Acquisition
▪ Access to over 3150 registered recruitment vendors on our platform worldwide who can supply candidates 2x faster to clients we onboard for you from within your territory or new clients you bring to the platform from within or outside your territory using your unique employer sign up link (we will provide you this link upon onboarding as our franchise partner)
▪ Ownership of Clients originally signed up by you
▪ Admin/CRM Portal access, RH email account, Live Chat facility etc
▪ Product Training
▪ Marketing Assistance
▪ Accounts, Collection assistance

What does our software automation in the entire recruitment process do to reduce your manual work in making placements faster?

▪ Employers can sign up directly on our website or using your unique employer sign up link and create an employer account in less than 30 secs
▪ Employers can post jobs in less than 1 min using our job parsing technology
▪ When a job is posted by the employer our software algorithm will match the job and notify the PSL (Preferred Suppier List already added by the employer) & relevant recruitment agencies based on location and skills. We currently have a total on 3250 recruitment agencies registered with us in over 60 countries.
▪ Automated email notifications will be sent for every single activity (e.g candidate submissions by engaged agencies, feedback update by employer, messaging/add notes used between employers & agencies) copying you (franchise partner) for employers tagged to you.
▪ An automated feedback reminders sent Mon-Fri to employers tagged to you copying you in every reminder sent to the employer
▪ An automated reminder sent to all employers tagged to you once a week reminding them to post new jobs.

You can start remote, however having an office space is most preferred. We start with a 2 year franchise agreement auto renewed at the end of tenure without any renewal fee. You can view the standard agreement for Franchisee from this link -> Franchisee Agreement

Revenue Model (What you will earn): 60:20:20 split on every payment from your clients - 60% to Recruiter (Recruitment Agency that filled the vacancy, this could also be you), 20% to Franchise Partner (You), 20% to Recruiting Hub. If you filled the vacancy on your own for your client you will then earn 80% of the fee. A typical one person Franchisee can earn an average of £10,000 in the UK or Rs.2 lakhs in India or AED.20000 in UAE your share per month. Revenues will increase depending on your Sales & Account Management team size. Also the advantage of being our franchise partner is you get paid the same day as we get paid by the client which is typically (15days-60 days) unlike the 60 days or 90 days waiting period for recruitment vendors on our platform and unless the candidate has completed the replacement guarantee period.

Why would i pay a one off franchise setup fee to become a franchise partner when a recruitment vendor account is free to sign up?
This is one of the typical question we get from most of the interested franchise applicants. While a recruitment vendor registering on our platform for free becomes one among the 1000's of suppliers on the platform and do not own the clients whereas our franchise partners will own the client and enjoy the benefits of our automation tools and earn their share from every single placement made for their clients irrespective of which agency filled the vacancy + all the other benefits as mentioned above. We will transfer you clients already registered from within your territory and will be registering from your territory and you will own/manage the clients and earn your franchise share from every single placement made from clients tagged to you. We will assign you an unique employer sign up link to acquire new clients from within your territory and from rest of the world and will provide you an Admin portal to manage clients and entire recruitment process.

Apply now using this link -> Apply to become our Franchise Partner

Download our Franchise Brochure from this link -> DOWNLOAD FRANCHISE BROCHURE

2.Why should someone consider becoming our Franchise Partner and where are our existing branches located?
We are a UK based Recruitment Tech Platform with foreign subsidiaries in India, UAE and expanding operations worldwide.

Recruitment is a tough business to be in and an online recruitment marketplace like us is the future of the recruitment industry. If you like to be treated right by clients, have full transparency in business and could be able to dictate terms to clients, you need to be part of an online marketplace like us and NOT be an offline recruitment agency. We know how clients take advantage over an offline recruitment agency by not providing feedback on time, less transparency in business, be dictated terms that's not standard in the market.

You do NOT need Recruiters or Sales team to make money in Recruitment. We will give you our existing and new clients from your territory signing up organically through our marketing efforts. You will become the client owner of the account. Win more deals seamlessly! Take advantage of our Automation in External Recruitment Marketplace. You get automatic notifications for every activity by the client.

By becoming our Franchise Partner you will be given an unique employer sign up link and a QR code that we will use to sign up new clients for you and provide you with an access to our ADMIN PORTAL (CRM) where you can track & manage all activities of clients. Any incoming leads (employers signing up directly on our website homepage) from within your territory will be automatically credited by us in to your franchise account for monetization. You can also promote your unique employer sign up link from outside your territory (worldwide) to sign up new clients with no territory restriction as it is your own effort. You will get an automatic email notification when an employer signs up using your unique link or QR code and the account gets automatically credited into your franchise account for monetization and an automatic notification will be sent to you for every activity done by the client (e.g when the client post a job, when an agency engages on the job, when a new cv is submitted by an agency, when the client views the cv, when the client/agency sends each other a message on the portal, when an update for cv is given by the client, when an employer/agency notes are being added etc - you will receive automatic notification for every single activity from your clients + the daily automated reminders sent to the employers asking to clear pending feedbacks and weekly reminders to employers asking to post new jobs and weekly reminders to recruitment vendors to engage on new jobs to supply candidates)

We are the UBER, Amazon, Tesla of the External Recruitment Industry.
We already have over 1100 registered Employers (Clients) and 3150 Recruitment Agencies (Vendors) worldwide and you will be part of our Franchise Partners network (Sellers) offering Sales & Support to our users and expand business in your territory
▪ You do NOT need a team of Sales or Recruiters to start.
▪ You can start as 1 person and expand your sales/account management team basis on revenue earned.
▪ You can use our 3150+ registered recruitment agencies to deliver candidates for Employers posting jobs. You do NOT need a naukri/job boards/linkedin subscription.
▪ You are NOT expected to source cvs.
▪ Once you have established relationship with Clients (Employers) you can switch to auto pilot mode and leave the rest to our AI to drive the business for you. How would it be to have Tesla in Recruitment.
▪ We will provide you with full training and tools required to win more business.
▪ We organically have Employers (Clients) registering on our website which will be passed to you depending on your location & sector experience.
▪ All we need from you is good CLIENT MANAGEMENT & SALES SKILLS, customer support is Key to our success.
▪ You will be provided login to our Admin, Live Chat support, billings dashboard.
▪ You need to apply using the link below to become a part of our franchise network and we will interview you to qualify for our Franchisee.
Mandatory One off franchise fee apply.
▪ Live Chat with our Franchisee Onboarding team using the live chat button.
▪ Apply using this link - Become our Franchisee

Most preferred if you already have an office space. We are also coming up with a fully in-built Kiosk based Office setup model (not mandatory) and if you have/can find 200 sq.ft empty space in your location, our Kiosk manufacturer can transport readily available Kiosk Office to the location and we can start business within 10 days of signing the agreement. Average cost of the Kiosk between Rs.4.5-5.5 lakhs/£5000 applies excluding our franchise fee. This is optional and NOT Mandatory. You can also start remote and setup an office later as you grow your recruitment business.

Our existing branches can be found from this link -> Our Branches
3.Qualifying Criteria for a Franchise Partner?
Our product has been ranked well and loved by many corporates and we want to grow our business with your support. You can be our Franchise Partner by introducing/signing up new clients to our platform and by managing them as per our required standards you can enjoy profit share for every successful placement they bring to our platform. It's no brainer!
What we need from you?
▪ Excellent Communication and Selling, Account Management Skills
▪ Sales, Business Development, Account Management Team
▪ Recruitment Business Experience
▪ Team Handling Experience
▪ Having existing Recruitment Agency Business is most preferred
One off Franchise setup fee.
What you can expect from us?
▪ License to our software, smart automation tools
▪ Full training on Product,System,Process and sales pitches.
▪ Transfer of Mix and Match of Active & Inactive Existing Clientele.
▪ Increased profits, decreased cost, better ROI
▪ Dashboard access to our Admin platform where you manage all activities of clients signed by you
▪ Track revenues and growth of your Franchisee Account
▪ Enjoy profit shares from clients signed by you for every successful placement for lifetime until managed by you successfully or until the validity of the franchise agreement..
▪ Minimised investment, maximised profits, scale your profits multi fold times.
▪ Given access to live chat facility to support clients.
▪ Potential to earn between Rs.2-50 lakhs/month or (£2000-£50000) or ($3000-$70000)/month depending on your team strength.
▪ All other benefits/privileges of the platform for a recruitment agency.

If you like our product and think that you qualify to be our Franchisee, apply using this link - Become our Franchisee
PS - We are not looking for Employees but a Franchise Business Partner
4.What is the role of a Franchisee and where do they fit in the model?
A franchise partner will provide 360° Sales & Support Services to clients (Employers) in their respective territory building client relationships and nurturing the accounts. You can also Sign up new clients using your unique employer sign up link and account manage them and we will also provide you our existing clients including incoming sign ups based on your merits and your location. You will own the account for lifetime/as long as the franchise contract is valid and earn your franchise share from all revenues from the account. Provide email, phone, live chat support as required. Ensure clients are on-boarded properly and provide them an online demo, training to all HR's in the client place and make sure they use the platform more efficiently and are filling vacancies faster through the registered recruitment vendors. Managing recruitment vendors and maintaining vendor relationship is also a key to success. We now have more automation tools to keep the engagement of Employer and Recruitment Vendors on the platform reducing your time on chasing employers for updating feedback.
about us
5.Who can be a Franchisee to Recruiting Hub and how many franchisees do we offer in each country?
Our CO-FO based Franchise opportunity requires your full time commitment to the platform. We are currently appointing franchisees in the UK, India, UAE. A Franchisee can be a Self Employed Individual, LLC or a Private Ltd Existing Recruitment Company representing Recruiting Hub as Sales & Support Partner. A franchisee can be a fresher/experienced in other sector who may be new to recruitment or could be an existing recruitment business owner. We offer our franchise opportunity per district/county in each country. We also have master franchisee opportunity offered state-wise in each country.
6.Can a Franchisee continue as a Recruitment Agency?
Absolutely, Yes! Alongside being a Franchisee of Recruiting Hub you can continue to use your existing Recruiters/Team to continue as Recruitment Agency as usual and enjoy the benefits of being a Recruitment Agency on the platform.
7.Is there an agreement for Franchisee?
Yes, you can view the standard agreement for Franchisee from this link - Franchisee Agreement
8.How should i apply to become your Franchisee?
Apply using the following link - Become our Franchisee
1.Who can become a Foreign Subsidiary to Recruiting Hub?
We have developed an innovative product, an AI driven platform that aggregates recruitment agencies helping Employers recruit candidates faster. A Foreign Subsidiary can be an interested business professional aspiring to grow in recruitment business in their country either looking to start up a new recruitment business or already owning a recruitment business in their country. We will form a company (e.g Recruiting Hub US Inc) in your country under share holding agreement and you will nominate a local Director to operate the company.
2.What is the difference between a Franchisee and a Foreign Subsidiary?
A Franchisee is a reseller of Recruiting Hub that do not own the brand or company whereas a foreign subsidiary is an owner of Recruiting Hub in that country owning particular % amount of shares and representing RH as a Director in that country. The foreign subsidiary can choose to employ sales & support staff in their country or go the Franchisee way.
3.What is the revenue model?
Permanent Placement Success Fee is split as 60:40 (60% to Agency that filled the vacancy and 40% to RH local subsidiary) All revenue from within the country is routed to the local bank account of Recruiting Hub where the foreign subsidiary is operated at a 35% gross profit margin giving away 5% to Parent Company as monthly management fee from their monthly sales. For e.g if the gross monthly sale is $100,000 the management fee payable to Parent company is $5000. Recruiting Hub local company will keep $35000 as gross profit margin by paying $60000 to agencies that filled the vacancies. Average Monthly Contract Placement gross profit is operated between 5-10%
4.What is the investment required?
We will together form a Company in your Country (e.g Recruiting Hub US Inc) as a foreign subsidiary of Recruiting Hub with a % amount of shares owned by you and the parent company of Recruiting Hub appointing a person nominated by you to represent as Director in your country. You will need an investment to pay towards company formation, bank account opening, pay one off setup fee plus monthly operating expenses like office space, salaries, bills and other day to day expenses with a potential to earn in Millions.
5.What is the current organisation structure?
"Recruiting Hub International Ltd" is the parent/holding company of its subsidiaries "Recruiting Hub UK Ltd" in the UK & "Recruiting Hub India Pvt Ltd" in India and soon launching its subsidiaries in Dubai & Bulgaria. We are open to countries in EU, Africa, North & South America, Canada, Middle East, Singapore, Japan, China etc.
6.Is there a share holding agreement copy and a Parent < - > Subsidiary relationship contract?
We will sign a share holding agreement between the Parent Company and nominated shareholders in your country once we qualify you and you can find the Parent < - > Subsidiary relationship sample contract from this link -> View Sample Contract
7.How can i apply to become a foreign subsidiary?
You can apply using this link - Become our Foreign Subsidiary