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Apply to become our Franchisee

1.Who can be a Franchisee to Recruiting Hub and how many franchisees do we offer in each country?
Our CO-FO based Franchise opportunity requires your full time commitment to the platform. We are currently appointing franchisees in the UK, India, UAE. A Franchisee can be a Self Employed Individual, LLC or a Private Ltd Existing Recruitment Company representing Recruiting Hub as Sales & Support Partner. A franchisee can be a fresher/experienced in other sector who may be new to recruitment or could be an existing recruitment business owner. We offer our franchise opportunity per district/county in each country. We also have master franchisee opportunity offered state-wise in each country.
2.Why should someone consider becoming our Franchisee?
You do NOT need Recruiters or Sales team to make money in Recruitment. We will give you our exising clients and new clients from your territory signing up organically through our marketing. You will become the client owner of the account.

We are a UK based Recruitment Tech Company with foreign subsidiaries in India, UAE and expanding operations worldwide.

You will be provided with an unique employer sign up link and a QR Code that you will use to promote your franchisee on your social media to sign up new clients from your territory. When anyone signs up using your unique link or QR Code then that account gets automatically credited into your franchise account for monetization.

We are the UBER, Amazon, Tesla of the Recruitment Industry.
We already have over 700 registered Employers (Clients) and 2250 Recruitment Agencies (Vendors) and you will be part of our Franchise Partners network (Sellers) offering Sales & Support to our users.
▪ You do NOT need a team of Sales or Recruiters to start.
▪ You can start as 1 person and expand your sales/account management team basis on revenue earned.
▪ You can use our 2250+ registered recruitment agencies to deliver candidates for Employers posting jobs. You do NOT need a naukri/job boards/linkedin subscription.
▪ You are NOT expected to source cvs.
▪ Once you have established relationship with Clients (Employers) you can switch to auto pilot mode and leave the rest to our AI to drive the business for you. How would it be to have Tesla in Recruitment.
▪ We will provide you with all tools required to win more business.
▪ We organically have Employers (Clients) registering on our website which will be passed to you depending on your location & sector experience.
▪ All we need from you is good CLIENT MANAGEMENT & SALES SKILLS, customer support is Key to our success.
▪ We will provide you with full training.
▪ You will be provided login to our Admin, Live Chat support, billings dashboard.
▪ You need to apply using the link below to become a part of our franchise network and we will interview you to qualify for our Franchisee.
Mandatory One time franchise fee apply.
▪ Live Chat with our Franchisee Onboarding team using the live chat button.
▪ Apply using this link - Become our Franchisee

We are also coming up with a fully in-built Kiosk based Office setup model (not mandatory) and if you have/can find 200 sq.ft empty space in your location our Kiosk manufacturer can transport readily available Kiosk Office to the location and we can start business within 10 days of signing the agreement. Average cost of Kiosk between Rs.4.5-5.5 lakhs/£5000 applies excluding our franchise fee. This is optional and NOT Mandatory.
3.Qualifying Criteria for a Franchisee?
Our product has been ranked well and loved by many corporates and we want to grow our business with your support. You can be our Franchisee by introducing/signing up new clients to our platform and by managing them as per our required standards you can enjoy profit share for every successful placement they bring to our platform. It's no brainer!
What we need from you?
▪ Excellent Communication and Selling, Account Management Skills
▪ Sales, Business Development, Account Management Team
▪ Recruitment Business Experience
▪ Team Handling Experience
▪ Having existing Recruitment Agency Business is most preferred
One time Franchise setup fee.
What you can expect from us?
▪ Full training on Product,System,Process and sales pitches.
▪ Transfer of Mix and Match of Active & Inactive Existing Clientele.
▪ Increased profits, decreased cost, better ROI
▪ Dashboard access to our Admin platform where you manage all activities of clients signed by you
▪ Track revenues and growth of your Franchisee Account
▪ Enjoy profit shares from clients signed by you for every successful placement for lifetime until managed by you successfully.
▪ Minimised investment, maximised profits, scale your profits multi fold times.
▪ Given access to live chat facility to support clients.
▪ Potential to earn between Rs.2-50 lakhs/month or (£2000-£50000) or ($3000-$70000)/month depending on your team strength.
▪ All other benefits/privileges of the platform for a recruitment agency.

If you like our product and think that you qualify to be our Franchisee, apply using this link - Become our Franchisee
PS - We are not looking for Employees but a Franchise Business Partner
4.What is the role of a Franchisee and where do they fit in the model?
A franchisee will provide 360° Sales & Support Services to clients (Employers) in their respective territory. You will be responsible to Sign up new clients to the platform and account manage them, or we will provide you our existing clients including incoming sign ups based on your merits and your location. You will own the account for lifetime/as long as the franchise contract is valid and earn your franchise share from all revenues from the account. Provide email, phone, live chat support as required. Ensure clients are on-boarded properly and provide them an online demo, training to all HR's in the client place and make sure they use the platform more efficiently and are filling vacancies faster through the registered recruitment vendors. Managing recruitment vendors and maintaining vendor relationship is also a key to success. about us
5.What is the revenue model for a Franchisee and how much does it cost to become a franchisee?
It cost a one time franchise setup fee of £5000/Rs.5 lakhs/AED.25000/$7000 plus local tax (if applicable) to become our franchisee.

Revenue Model (What you will earn): 60:20:20 split on every payment from your clients - 60% to Recruiter (Recruitment Agency that filled the vacancy, this could also be you), 20% to Franchisee (You), 20% to Recruiting Hub. If you filled the vacancy on your own for your client you will then earn 80% of the payment. A typical one person Franchisee can earn an average of £5000 or Rs.2 lakhs or AED.20000 or $7000 per month. Revenue share will increase depending on your Sales team size.
6.Can a Franchisee continue as a Recruitment Agency?
Absolutely, Yes! Alongside being a Franchisee of Recruiting Hub you can continue to use your existing Recruiters/Team to continue as Recruitment Agency as usual and enjoy the benefits of being a Recruitment Agency on the platform.
7.Is there an agreement for Franchisee?
Yes, you can view the standard agreement for Franchisee from this link - Franchisee Agreement
8.How should i apply to become your Franchisee?
Apply using the following link - Apply to Become our Franchisee